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Had an incredibly lazy, incredibly non-productive, incredibly enjoyable weekend. I had some tenative plans that all but fell through, so I shoved them through out of lack of motivation. I finally managed to rent Transformers for PS2 on Friday and played a couple hours that night, but more impressively, I played for 15+ hours on Saturday. Sure Heather and Nur were surprised by this fact, but I was a bit surprised as well. I haven’t had that focus and dedication for a game in a long time. It’s rented, so that’s part of the drive, but at the same time, even when it was so annoying I was ready to throw the controller out the door, I still kept playing because, well, because it’s the TRANSFORMERS (oh, and I have a wireless PS2 controller from Logitec, it’s $50 so there’s no chance it’s going out the window). The game is very true to the original cartoon (though I keep expecting some different voices, especially since they included some of the original PSAs from the cartoon), so part of the reason I can’t put it down is because I’m kind of playing my childhood. I’m still antsy to play it again, but I won’t get a chance tonight.

For you see, tonight is our anniversarry and we’re going out to dinner. Okay, that won’t take up the whole night, but it just doesn’t seem right to play a video game on the night of our anniversarry. Though I guess there is a chance that I’ll have some free time to do so.

We’ve been married for six years now, which doesn’t seem that long, but I know these days that’s a pretty major accomplishment. I don’t know how I feel about that fact. I’m proud that through better and worse, we’ve stuck by eachother and are still together, but at the same time, it bothers me that the world has gotten to the point that thats a big deal. People just don’t seem to be as serious about marriage as they used to be. I know Heather and I have had some rocky times, we’re still not the perfect couple, but we try, and we put effort into it. We talk, we listen, we pay attention, we work at maintaining our relationship. A marriage is not just a “set it and forget it” relationship and I know there were some points where we were in that mindset, but we’ve moved past that. I’d love to see a day where six years is paltry in the grand scheme of things, but for now, I’m going to go to dinner with my wife, stare into her eyes and be proud of what we’ve accomplished in a time of animosity and divorce.

I just wish we had more money to go out. We’re in the process of casually planning a Yard Sale. We’ve started evaluating the stuff in our house and deciding what can stay and what can go – and what can make a buck. We’re also inviting our friends to join in our yard sale. The more crap we have to sell, the more people will show up, so if you have stuff to sell, feel free to contact us and we’ll see about setting you up a space on the lawn where you can have your own little sales booth. We don’t want any of your profits, we just want the sale to look really big. We also want plenty of “salesmen” to make sure people are helped as quickly as possible. Even if you only have a little bit, we can still set you up a spot. I think you’ll be surprised by what you have to offer if you really look.

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