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Its Alive!

My shoulder hurts and I need some sexual healin’

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So I’m in the lab… I’m not really angry about it, but a while back, I said whenever I’m in the lab, I’d be using the Sgt. Rage userpic. I was cleaning up the web site, getting it ready to go live when my lab attendant informed me that she needed to go to class. I could ask corwin75 to sit in here for me, but I really feel like taking a break. Craig and I are trashing large piles of the old directories trying to clean up the junk before we go live so that maybe we can make heads or tails of the site from now on. Its nice to see, as it’s been bugging the crap out of me for a couple years now. I finally figured out how to open it as a folder on my desktop, so maybe I can keep it a bit cleaner from now on.

The menu system has started to show more and more bugs, but like I said yesterday, I’m looking at that new layer system that’s supposed to be smoother, faster, and cleaner. Its also supposed to be less buggy, so maybe it will work for me. So long as it can activate across frames, I’ll be happy. I’m really content with the frame system we came up with (I was actually surprised when Craig suggested it, he’s never been a big proponent of frames). One of the problems plaguing the old site was that it wasn’t very adaptable. If things needed changing in the menus, it was a long and arduous process to do so, usually resulting in some menus being more up to date than others. I’ve since made some changes to the system, and even without the frames, that would now be alleviated. The frame of course, really overrides any problems of consistent navigation. Also, it allows navigation to be on EVERY page (well, except for external links, as they won’t show the menus). Speaking of which, that’s something I still need to clean up is links to external pages that open to _top rather than _self. I know I still have a lot of links working that way that need to be fixed.

We’re going to go live today, there’s no doubt about it, but I think I’ll be cleaning, tweaking and adding for the weeks to come, which is funny since I’m also starting design concepts for a new page in my head. I’ve got some ideas I need to put on paper before I forget them.

shirt buttons struggling to stay buttoned can be so sexy, but they can also be so grotesque. what a convoluted world.

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