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Fiasco in the Funhouse…

Friday, April 26th, 2013 | Gaming | 1 Comment

…in which I rise from the dead and share some more gaming material.

This past weekend was ReaperCon 2013. I’ve been attending ReaperCon for three years now, primarily for the gaming, but secondarily, for the metal trade. For the past two years, I’ve actually been a volunteer game master. And in this role, I’ve used this forum to introduce people to Fisaco!


A game of powerful ambition & poor impulse control

Fiasco! is an unconventional role playing game that is, by design, a one shot story that attempts to simulate great movies of ambition gone sideways. Movies like Fargo and Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels are about normal, everyday people who find themselves in a rapidly decaying situation in which they struggle to get out alive, and often fail. Jason Morningstar wrote Fiasco! in an attempt to capture that same feeling in a loosely structured role playing framework. I was immediately intrigued and petrified by the entire concept of a fully improvisational, unguided, free form game. But after several sessions with close friends, I have decided that this is an experience that everyone should try at least once. And this led me to volunteer my services at ReaperCon.

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It’s Character Building…

Friday, July 6th, 2012 | Gaming | 4 Comments

…in which I talk a little about the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying system, and present my first character build.

Honestly, this is less of a blog and more of an excuse to publish my build of Havok for my upcoming game of the new Margaret Weis Productions Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game. And to that effect, I’m going to cut to the chase and post the datafile first since I suspect/hope that’s what most visitors will be looking for.

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Monday, July 11th, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 6 Comments

Well, as seems to be the most popular way to update journals, it’s Monday and I feel like writing about what I did this weekend.

Friday was pretty uneventful, but in a good way. Heather and I had a nice dinner, watched some movies and TV and I played a little WoW. Finally got my Horde character into the double digits and got to spend that first talent point. Also got absorbed into the new guild, so I am no longer a Crimson Eye, I’m now a Maleficient. I noticed that these guilds are a lot more active and effective and not just a social gathering. I need to figure out how to instill those ideas into the Silver Talons.

Saturday, we went to the Movie Tavern for spazzy444‘s birthday. We saw the Fantasic Four, and while Heather and I would probably have enjoyed Batman Begins a bit more, we still had a good time and the movie was pretty fun. I thought the food was fairly good and for $30 we got two tickets, an appetizer, two meals, two drinks and a dessert. I don’t think two people can go on a cheaper “dinner and a movie date” anywhere. zero_interrupt and I got this 82oz, self cooled tower of beer, too. It was a bit tough to pour up drinks in the dark (we could have left it up on the table/bar area which is dimly lit, but then we wouldnt’ have been able to see half the screen, so we put it on the floor) but it was really different to have beer in the theatre. It was $13 for whole 82 oz and we weren’t able to finish it during the movie. You can also get a 38oz mug of beer for $12 but that breaks down to $7 for the mug and $5 for the beer. The cool thing is, you can keep the mug and come back again and fill it up for $5 every time you see a movie. How cool is that? I’ll have to determine if Heather and I will be going with any kind of frequency before I invest my $7 though.

I had just enough time to get home, get my stuff, and head back out to go to Steve’s D&D game – which went well. We got to do some investigating, some killing, some more climbing (ugh) and made off with some pretty decent booty. Steve did, however, remember why he doesn’t run pre-written modules and next time we will be back in the City, following some original stories of death and intrigue in the city of towers.

Sunday I worked on my D&D setting. Yeah, you have to go pretty far back in my past journal entries to find the last time I said that. I think I’ve finally got myself a method that works for development. Its a bit more chaotic than my previous attempts, but at the same time more organized. I’m defintely further along than I ever have been before. Speaking of which, I have more to plan for the setting.

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Wednesday, June 29th, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 8 Comments

Well, Heather and I took a couple days off work for our sanity and if anything, it showed us our lives are really boring and non-productive. Some sanity.

We watched a bunch of TV and a bunch of movies, I played a LOT of WoW and she got going on painting the cabinet doors for the kitchen. I keep milling around the house trying to think of something more productive to do, but everything that I could be doing instead of WoW is about the same level of productivity. I could be working on my D&D setting. I could be reading book three in the Cleric Quintet. I could be painting minis. All of that has about the same value in the world. So instead I sit on WoW where I can at least chat with people I almost know.

At any rate, I did see some really good movies. I saw The Boondock Saints, which I had added to my Netflix queue on a whim, and ended up giving it Five Stars! Wow that was good, so visual, so visceral, and so entertaining. This was no film, which one reviewer complained about, but it was some damn good entertainment. Do yourself a favor and check it out. When I went to rate it on Netflix, I found that everything that was listed as “similar” I’d given five stars also, no wonder I enjoyed it (Snatch, Brotherhood of the Wolf, The Crow, Hackers, Desperado, El Mariachi, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, A Life Less Ordinary, and Fight Club).

We also saw Tampopo, which fairly well defies most description. Its kind of a longer attention span Kentucky Fried Movie that centers around the importance and value of food in Japan. Its got one long story, all about making the perfect bowl of ramen, a mid length story about a gangster and his erotic obsession with food, and 9 other shorter stories that all relate to food in some way. It was good, but I definitely looked to Heather for confirmation on how good/bad it was on many occasions, as well as a lot of “What the Fuck” moments.

So, as you may have noticed, I like to make userpics. I’ve all but tapped my most recent cache of ideas but am still in the mood to make some more. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please feel free to suggest them and I’ll see what I can come up with. I used to be on some UserPic contest communities, but all the winners looked the same and they all looked different than mine, so I quit. I need a bit of focus to go ahead and make more. So give me your tired, your hungry, and your lame ideas and I’ll try to capture them in still or motion 100×100 pixel imagery.

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Monday, February 2nd, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | 1 Comment

Wow, I suddenly became very bored. I have small things I could be doing around the office, but nothing pressing. Everyone’s at lunch and I’m here all by myself. It’s quiet and I kind of want to go home. Damn.

I wonder what I could be doing. I could work on my D&D Web Page or just write stuff for the new world I’m developing, but I’m feeling somewhat un-inspired lately. I’ll probably sit here and relax a bit more, then consider writing a bit. Gotta get that game off the ground eventually. I wonder who’s gonna play in it.


Tuesday, January 20th, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | 1 Comment

Man I was enjoying that Hero game Derick was running. Fuck him and his lack of dedication to his own damn game. I was walking past my gaming book case the other day and I saw my Mummy book sitting on the shelf and remembered how bad ass that game is and even though I’m trying to hustle my ass up and get my D&D game up and running, I keep thinking how I miss modern drama games. Fuck a duck, I don’t know what to do. I’m not playing in a modern game, I’m not gearing up to run a modern game. I’m slipping out of an entire Genre. Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck Mother Fuck. I don’t want to stop development of this game world and try to convince people to play in a new game. I’ve had such moderate success with my White Wolf sessions lately. Maybe I need to try to recruit outsiders again. I keep getting the odd hit on my website from someone looking for a game. Damnit, I don’t know what to do. I’m really looking forward to this D&D setting. I’ve got plots and events running around my head, but I still feel like I’m not being true to my genre of choice.

Suggestions? Anyone?

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | No Comments

Okay, so I wasn’t overly happy with the name of the D&D World I’m inventing. So I changed it. Booya.


Wednesday, January 14th, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | No Comments

Just thought the D&D playing readers out there would want to know that I’m starting to do updates and revisions to my D&D page on PeloVish. I’ve been inspired both as a designer and a DM, so I’m going to try to start making some headway here. Hope work doesn’t get too much in the way.

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Sunday, November 16th, 2003 | LiveJournal Archives | No Comments

I painted for two hours last night. I feel like I made so little progress but I guess maybe I’m just very detail oriented and I try to be as clean as possible with my lines. I just feel like it takes forever and I can’t concentrate on it for more than two hours at a time. Even that was kind of a marathon for me.

Today I’m going to Craig’s D&D game. I’ve become more interested in it again, which is good. It was close to being dropped there for a while. I honestly think the move to 2:00 was good for it because now I can get home and spend some time with Heather rather than getting home, going straight to bed, and then going to work first thing in the morning. That just wasn’t really working for me.

I’ve got Christmas shopping to do, and for some reason, it’s not really exciting me as it usually is. I think it’s the whole money issue. I still want to buy stuff for people, I love giving gifts, but I’m concerned about how our money is flowing. At any rate, I’m waiting to hear on a gift for Heather. There’s an auction I’ve bid on, but it’s going to take too long, I think, to win the auction and get it shipped in time for Heather’s birthday, so I emailed the seller, but they haven’t emailed me back. I really hope to hear from them soon.

Oh well, I’ve already blown 20 minutes here when I should have been getting ready for Craig’s game. Now I’ll probably be late again. Until I write again, here are some pics of the mini I’m working on, in progress.

Herod Gale

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Monday, November 10th, 2003 | LiveJournal Archives | No Comments

Ugh, today was so slow. But at the same time, the day went by surprisingly fast. It’s like ever minute crept by sluggishly, but then when you looked up, it was lunchtime, or time to go home. I played around with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) today and acutally learned some interesting new things, but mostly learned that what I wanted to do wasn’t possible, at least as far as I could tell.

I’m working on the web page for my D&D setting, a world completely invented by me, or at least as much as I can do so with all the external influences affecting my ideas. It’s more a new combination of classic ideas. I actually started developing it this past January when I was at Winter Fantasy with Jeremy, specifically on the drive back to Indianapolis from Ft. Wayne. I want to get a lot more written down but the more I work on it, the more excited I get to run. I know I’ve been hoping to start again and again, but I’m really hoping to get something started for after the holidays. I really need to get cracking on that timeline and start determining how I’m going to fuck up the d20 classes. I know I want to use a lot of 2nd Ed AD&D Skills and Powers shit, but I still need to work it all out in my head.

Other than that, I did some paperwork, did a little PR around the building, boring shit like that. I got to see zoemonke‘s box in the lightwell. It was really cool, very fine craftsmanship. Even this weekend was really kind of laid back and slow. I’d comment about the game on Saturday, but I walked away from it somewhat deperessed and dejected (no fault of the game or you Steve). I really wish I knew better where I stood with my friends some days. I do have to say though, regardless of what we’ve been through, ups and downs, ins and outs, I’m really glad that Steve and I are friends and I’ve really grown to appreciate the fact that I know him and can talk to him openly. He’s probably the most open minded person I know (in certain aspects, no offense Steve) and he holds very few grudges. Thanks Steve.

Huff, my chest hurts a little (I’m lying over the arm of the couch typing) so I’m gonna give up for a bit and work on my Christmas List.

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