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Friday, October 12th, 2007 | LiveJournal Archives | 4 Comments

So, this morning I was actually able to sleep in really late. Ansel was fairly happy in his co-sleeper so with minimal fuss and a tiny bit of maintenance, Heather and I were both able to sleep through the night (well, me more than her as she had to feed him late last night and early this morning).

After feeling refreshed and renewed, I woke up to go into the living room, consider some breakfast and watch some TV. I was confronted, however, with the smell of dog shit. I, however, was pleased to find it in the entryway on the flagstone floor rather than a liquid mess in the carpet like I usually find it. I was actually proud of Knight for pooping on an easy to clean surface. I quickly grabbed some paper towels and some 409 and proceeded to clean it up. I needed an old towel to dry up the 409 and headed to the linen closet when, ssquisssh, I stepped in a second pile. This one was on the hardwood floor in the hallway. Again, I was pleased that this was on an easy to clean surface, but I’d sure rather not stepped in it to find it. So I hopped to the bathroom, washed off my foot, and proceeded to clean up the hardwood floor. Still proud of Knight, I pass through the living room to the kitchen to get more cleaning supplies and then my pride drops when I see a giant turd on the couch. I’m not sure if I’m more disappointed in the fact that he pooped on the couch, or that I now have proof that he’s still sleeping on the couch at night.

Anyway, I finish cleaning up the hallway and get new cleaning supplies to clean up the couch when I finally find the fourth pile. A small “whoops, I’m not done yet” pile on the floor next to the couch. I’m already hand and foot in poop so it doesn’t even phase me. I guess I have no point to my story, I just wanted to chronicle the rise and fall of my elation and pride this morning. Hope your morning involved less dog poop.

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