Finding the Path…

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 | Gaming | 2 Comments

…in which I talk about Pathfinder and role-playing in general.

So, it’s no secret to anyone that I play and love role-playing games. I’ve been playing D&D in some fashion or another for the past 24  years, starting with a game at lunch in the 5th grade. I still remember how terrible that game was. We only played once and it was a chaotic mess of pre-teen imagination and fantasized gore. That didn’t dissuade me from the game, rather, from that I saw potential for something so much better. With story, and better understanding of the mechanics, there could be something so much greater. It would be years, however, until I discovered that potential.

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Beyond the Black Gate…

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 | Entertainment | 2 Comments

…in which I talk about writing, gaming, and the new-found service that brings those two together.

I am not one to choose favorites, whims and moods are far too fickle to pick one thing above all others for all time. But, were I to be forced to pick a favorite pass time, gaming would be in the top three choices. I game often and avidly, I dedicate more time and effort to it that nearly anything else (and probably more than I really should). A part of this obsession may be my deep seated desire to be a writer, but without the dedication to the craft, I’ve never really gotten anywhere with it. You see, writing is something I would much like to do, if not as a profession, than as an artist. The problem is, I don’t have the dedication to myself, or writing in general to maintain it – though this blog is an attempt to make that change.

But, as I was saying, gaming is my primary creative outlet and it has often filled the void of writing, as it shares a lot with creative writing. And to that effect, I didn’t realize what I had stepped into when I discovered the Obsidian Portal.

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