Eyestrain Or Not…

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 | Health | 3 Comments

…in which I talk about some problems I’ve been suffering with my eyes, lately.

And by lately, I mean the last couple of years. I try not to attribute it back to the year that I wore glasses with the wrong prescription, but it almost seems like too much of a coincidence that I got my prescription “fixed” and the almost constant eyestrain started. I’ve had my prescription checked and updated several times since then, and things never seem to get better, but I think I’m probably getting ahead of myself. Lets back up a little bit.

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What is Occurring…

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 | Random | No Comments

…in which I talk about random stuff because I don’t have a specific topic.

There’s no way that I’m going to let a simple lack of topic keep me from continuing my streak. I’ve been posting regular now for six weeks, and just because I couldn’t think of something specific to write about, doesn’t mean I’m going to skip a week. On the bike ride home, today, I was wracking my brain searching for a topic, and while I came up with some ideas, none of them had the breadth and magnitude of a full post. Then I remembered my old LiveJournal days, when I would write on several little topics in each post. There’s nothing wrong with that, I say.

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Optical Phenomenon…

Thursday, February 21st, 2008 | LiveJournal Archives | No Comments

…in which I talk about my continuing saga with my glasses

So my lens came in last night and immediately after work we picked up Ansel and headed out to Eyemasters. When we got there, they initially couldn’t even find my lens, but the manager/technician found it right away and said it would only take twenty minutes to install the lens in my glasses (rather than the normal hour). Heather stayed with Ansel in the car to feed him while I read my book in the store. When they gave me my glasses back with the new lens, I felt like nothing had changed. There was a minimal improvement, but nothing that made me feel like I was going to avoid any long term eyestrain. I was actually able to talk to the manager for a bit and described the exact sensation I was suffering and he knew what aspect of the prescription would be to blame and he checked the prescription on the lens. It was spot on the prescription so he didn’t know exactly what the problem could be. I again insisted that the glasses I’ve been wearing for the previous year were perfect and that the new ones were exactly the same, but were causing me all kinds of problems. He finally asked if he could see my old glasses and he checked the prescription of the right lens on them. And here comes the rub. Turns out the prescription on my old glasses was actually wrong! When they made the lenses a year ago, they screwed up and typed a number in the order incorrectly and I’d been wearing the wrong prescription for almost a year. He said that variance in the old lens and the new lens would be entirely responsible for the eyestrain I’ve been suffering. Finally, vindication!

He said that he would not be able to order lenses to match my old ones, he could only go off of the prescription and since thats what I had, he couldn’t do anything about it. He said the only way to correct the problem was to go and get my eyes checked and to bring in a new prescription. Dreading the answer I asked him if I would then have to buy all new lenses to match the new prescription. He explained that their policy includes a sixty day window in which I can get a new eye exam in case the glasses aren’t helping me the way that they should. So now I get to make an eye appointment, get a new prescription that doesn’t cause eyestrain, and get new, new, new, new lenses. Soon, I may be able to see straight once again!

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