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So I’ve been doing a shit ton of nothing lately… and getting fat doing it. Its birthday season again around all my friends, so it’s cake day after cake day after cake day. Monday I get a chocolate chip cookie cake and I’m going to love it! I’m supposed to work out tonight, and while I feel fat and probably should, my stomach feels like a lead pancake and would probably make me grumpy in the end. Besides, I just don’t feel like it. Unfortunately, we can’t go next week at all either, so it’s now or never for the two weeks.

I’ve renewed my appreciation of Boom Boom Satellites only to find that I can’t get any of their music from any service I currently have access to. They’re not on iTunes or MusicMatch. I have pretty much moved away from CDs, so I don’t really want to invest in more plastic. Even if I decided to do so, their albums are all imports and cost $25-50. So frustrating. And of course there is nothing to be found on Torrent.

Tomorrow night is Movie Night, and as I announced two weeks ago, we’re watching Spinal Tap, so bring your extra drummer and come along. Beer is a must for this one because they do go to eleven and the are green.

I’ve been pretty lazy on WoW the past few days, but that’s how I play, and it keeps me from burning myself out. Heather’s got a baby shower this saturday, so I’ll probably waste away my day on WoW. Until then, the Netflix movies are starting to pile up.

I’ve gotten 8 of those laptops out of the office, as well as four of the iMacs. I’m digging a hole, and all the while Steve is watching movies and Craig is cleaning house (no bitterness – bastards).

Anyway, I should get back to building an iMac so I can get even more room in here. If only I could take one of them home, WoW would be kickass on one of those wide screen mofos.

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Friday, July 1st, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 7 Comments

So, Heather and I have still been really bad about our excersize routines, in that we don’t stick to a schedule very well. We’re supposed to go three times a week, but we’re lucky if we go twice. And unfortunately, our excuse is usually laziness. At any rate, we went last night and I felt good about it… it didn’t feel like a chore, it felt good. I was a little sick when I was done, but I still felt good, even when I got home. I just wish I could quit yawning at the gym. What’s up with that.

We finished MI-5 season one last night. Stupid cliffhanger. I had to go to the website and look up a spoiler from season two just to be able to relax afterwards. Thought about playing some World of Warcraft, but I made cookies instead (actually we watched MI-5 after I made cookies, but who cares, right). I used to bake a lot more cookies, but I’ve been lazy lately. Made these cool carrot cookies. They’re a bit like flat bran muffins, but not really. I was amazed that at the end of a desperate month, we had every ingredient in the right quantity already in the house to make them by the book. I didn’t have to fudge anything. I also used Heather’s wierd rubber non-stick mat, and it really works, it’s really non-stick. I don’t get it. I put this thing down on the table at one point while I monkeyed with some stuff, and when I picked it up, everything on the table was stuck to it. But when I baked cookies on it, the just fell right off. Amazing!

So, tonight is movie night and I’m having a twitch at the back of my neck that it’s going to be a low show night. I really want to watch 50 First Dates and I think I’m just going to have to give in and watch it with a small crowd, even though I think most of our regulars would really enjoy it. They just can’t get past the fact that it’s an Adam Sandler movie. OF course, I’ve also been dying to see Ravenous again, also. I’m fairly certina blu3warri0r‘s wife will dig it… and I’ve just been in the mood since I’ve been listening to Damon Albarn music lately.

Wow, I’ve been here almost an hour and I’ve gotten no email and no new posts on Livejournal. It must be time to find something else to distract myself with.

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Anyone notice I pretty much only post on “Mondays”

Tuesday, October 14th, 2003 | LiveJournal Archives | 6 Comments

Yeah, it’s Tuesday, but I played hooky yesterday so it feel like Monday. It’s just a really cool Monday because it’s Tuesday already.

Well, it was a lazy weekend, so I’m happy. Friday, HeatherEJCHeather and I rented a crapload of movies (5) and ErezethJeremy came over and played some Magic. We had a good time. Played some games, ownzored him a bit, then watched Boat Trip. It was a lot funnier than we (Heather and I, Jeremy had gone home already) expected. We were expecting kind of stupid comedy with b(.)(.)bs. It turned out to be a really funny romantic comedy ( with b(.)(.)bs).

Saturday we watched Holes. It was really cool too, and awesome modern fairy tale. It had a whole bunch of plots that revolved around eachother and wrapped up together in the end. A lot of cyclic stories and myths. Very cool. Saturday night I went to Corwin75Steve’s game and had a pretty good time. Not a lot of fight, but I think we actually got some decent RP in. First good character development since I joined. I still haven’t got my character nailed down yet, but it’s tough to do when the games are two weeks apart and I didn’t have a solid inspiration in the first place. I based the character on a combat concept rather than a character concept, so I have to let the character develop as I play him. He’s getting there though. I know he’s standoffish (represented by being a pole-arm fighter) and a little naieve about the world. He’s inventive and creative, a crafter, but not of standard weapons or items. I think, if I get enough play, he’ll be really interesting.

Sunday, we watched Bend it Like Beckham in the morning and Identity in the evening. Both were fantastically entertaining, in their own ways. Finally, Monday we watched A View From The Top which, while entertaining, was not all I expected it to be. Also, Monday, Jeremy and I played some more Magic, he was redeemed and we are now at a score of 4-3 (my favor).

I’ve been thinking about our money again. thanks to Heather. I don’t want a second job, but I keep thinking that’s the only way I can think of to help us out. I really like my ballance of work and leisure right now, and would actually prefer more leisure, but if we don’t start moving in a more positive direction, I may feel forced to take a second job. I keep looking at this Utopian point 5 years from now when our cars and cards are paid off, but it seems like a ways. We both want to feel secure and stable before we think about a child and by then I’ll be 35. I know people are having children later in life these days, but that still seems pretty far off to me. I think about how I’ll be in my 50s by the time our child even graduates high school. I’m not in a rush to have a child, but at the same time, I’m want to be spry enough to enjoy it.

I’m also thinking about excersize a lot more again, recently. I feel unhealthy. I’m not what you’d call out of shape, by any means. And fat doesn’t apply to me at all. But I want to be proud of my body, I liked being toned and tanned from when I was working at the mill. I think if I do get a second job, it needs to be a labor job, lifting and hauling. Sure, it would have to be at night so I woudln’t get the tan back, but I could at least get the tone back. I don’t know what kind of job could possibly provide the workout I got at the mill though, we worked our asses off in a steaming, 200º workplace. It was like being in a sauna and working wieghts at the same time, while at the same time running aerobics. Where the hell can I get all that at the same time, and get paid to do it?

I tried jogging a while back. I like to run, I mean I actually enjoy it. So Heather and I bought a treadmill a few years back. I ran on it off and on, but back at the beginning of this year I put some serious effort into it. I ran hard three days a week for three months. Not only did I not see any physical change (fat changing to muscle, less bounce in my body), I didn’t see any change at all in my weight. I stayed a solid 190lb. the whole time. It was depressing and unmotivational. I quit. I admit that it was weak of me to quit, but it obviously wasn’t doing anything. I need to do more, but I don’t know enough about what to do to do anything else. I keep thinking I could ride my bike more, that works out a bit more of the body, adding some strength to the aerobics, but I haven’t motivated myself to do it. I’ll have to start considering it. I’m sure I could ride three days a week and do isometric strength two days a week. I just have to get motivated. Come on, someone motivate me!

poop, I ran out of things to say. I always feel like I should have more to write, but when I write, I feel like I’m just rambling. I’ll have to see if I can start focusing my writing in here. Hmmm. I got an idea, but I’ll have to see if I can flesh it out a bit.

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Wednesday, September 10th, 2003 | LiveJournal Archives | 1 Comment

I really have to stop going to 7/11 every day. It’s killing me literally and financially. I spend about $2-$4 each time I go, and I get junk. I don’t need a snack, a drink is nice but I have a case of bottled water here in the office. Getting out of the office is nice, but it’s not necesary. I really need to stop going. I stared at a bag of sour cream and onion Ruffles for like a minute and a half trying to tell myself not to get them.

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New Style – Still uncertain if I like it

Saturday, September 6th, 2003 | LiveJournal Archives | 2 Comments

Well, with all the new LJ features and such, I’ve been playing with the S2 style options. I’m not sure yet if I like the new look of the page. I can change it back to the way I had it, but I hink I’m going to try this on for a while. It’s like a new pair of shoes, until the get a little broken in, they’re stiff and uncomfortable. You have to force yourself to wear them so that they’ll actually get comfortable.

There are a lot of options available in this new S2 style system, but they’re pretty complex. They say to stay away unless you’re a programmer or a web designer. Well, I fancy myself a web designer, and it’s still looking like it’s a bit over my head. I’m going to have to look at it for longer and with a bit more seriousness.

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Monday, December 16th, 2002 | LiveJournal Archives | No Comments

Well, I don’t know why but all of a sudden I’m extremely tired. I could totally fall asleep here in my chair. I’ve gotten the main thing I wanted done today and now it’s lazeabout time. Tomorrow I will have another priority task set up for myself. That’s all this week is, is making sure to have everything ready to go for the week after break.

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Who reads these things anyway?

Thursday, November 14th, 2002 | LiveJournal Archives | 1 Comment

Well, I took the day off work yesterday to play EQOA. Unfortunately my broadband provider was down most of the day. I don’t know if I’m doing well, but I got up to level 7 with all my intermittent efforts. That sounds good to me, but it probably isn’t in the long run.

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From my Old Clié Journals

Tuesday, June 25th, 2002 | LiveJournal Archives | No Comments

Yesterday afternoon, Heather and I talked a lot, mostly at work over ICQ, but still… I think we talked about a lot of important things and then last night was a really good night. but it seems like every time we have a really bad night, it’s followed by a lot of talking and a really good night. I don’t know if it’s a wretched loop or if on some, indistinguishable level, we’re actually making progress.

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