Eyestrain Or Not…

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 | Health | 3 Comments

…in which I talk about some problems I’ve been suffering with my eyes, lately.

And by lately, I mean the last couple of years. I try not to attribute it back to the year that I wore glasses with the wrong prescription, but it almost seems like too much of a coincidence that I got my prescription “fixed” and the almost constant eyestrain started. I’ve had my prescription checked and updated several times since then, and things never seem to get better, but I think I’m probably getting ahead of myself. Lets back up a little bit.

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The Oracle Says “No…”

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 | Cycling, Entertainment, Work | No Comments

…in which I talk about frustrating work issues while stalling in the office because some guy needs to get into our server room every 45 seconds.

I’d much rather be outside going to get a YooHoo or even a chocolate coke at Sonic, but instead I have to sit here in the office and hold the door open (not literally) for this guy who is doing some installs in our server room. › Continue reading

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Fewer late nights now that I’m out of the lab

Thursday, August 25th, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 1 Comment

This is the first really late night I’ve had since I quit managing the lab. Today I had to get a new visiting asst. professor’s computer up before he finally snapped and started shooting people (I just found out he’s an ex-marine). Anyway, it should have been a simple process. Pull machine from the back, install archived image from the server, throw it in the office and walk away happy. I told him I’d have it done by 1:00.

Immediately upon setting up his machine and putting it in his office, it started rebooting. We started tearing down possible problems. We reimaged it, we swaped out the power strip, we swapped out the power cord, we rolled back the network driver, we unplugged the network, we reimaged it, we swaped out the mouse, the keyboard, the monitor, we reimaged it and updated patches, we reimaged it, updated patches, updated virus definitions, nothing worked. We finally decided that not only was it infected with virii, but all the images for that particular model were also.

Around 7:00 norelenCraig found another equivalent machine in the back. We put it in place, left the network unplugged and booted it up. It appeared clean, and only a bit out of date so we moved patches over via a flash drive. After making sure we had protected as much as possible, we finally hooked up the network and started running online updates. Its still running stable and I’m about to pull a new image of it for future use. I expect I’ll be done here in about 45 minutes.

So at any rate, I finally sent Heather home because while I don’t think I’m going to be up here that much longer, the dogs have been in their cages for about 12 hours, and that’s just mean. Wish me luck, folks, it seems to be finally in the home stretch.

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I think I’ve found a Nexus

Thursday, August 25th, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 1 Comment

there is a room in this building that I now believe is a nexus of anti-computer energy.

any machine that is placed in this room will quickly become corrupt and unable to function. at first it was just the resident machine. we pulled the machine from the room and completely rebuilt it. even now, it will not function. in its stead, I have replaced it with a new machine that ran fine in my office. now that new machine is acting just like the first.

the room is cursed.

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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 4 Comments

Posted by: peloquin3 on Buzznet

I have a dual monitor setup and use extra-wide wallpapers, but they’re hard to come by. Most of them are 1600×1200 stretched and cropped.



Wednesday, July 27th, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 2 Comments

So I was reading PvP just now and he appologised for posting late the last few days and presented us with a couple of free desktop wallpapers as an offering. Now here’s were I get a bit miffed. You can go to all kinds of cool sites and get theme wallpapers (wow, PVP, Penny Arcade) – pretty much any website these days will create a wallpaper just to look cool and give you something (which is really nothing) for free.

But they’re always for regular monitor dimensions, which means those of us with dual monitors are left with either half a desktop or we have to cut and edit them to fit. Come on people, start making some 2560×1024 background! Get wtith the program, there are more of us out there than you think.

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The internet is full of cool shit

Thursday, June 16th, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 2 Comments

Do you have more than one computer that you use frequently (a work computer and a home computer for example)? Do you surf the internet on those two computers? Do get tired of copying bookmarks or wish you had the bookmarks of one on the other? Well here you go!

This is a service that you have to register for, but once you do, you can store active bookmarks in their system. You can go anywhere, to any computer and access your stored bookmarks (for example, mine are here And adding bookmarks is really simple, too. Once you’ve registered, you get a custom link that you have to bookmark (locally). Once you find a web site you want to add to your bookmarks, you click on that one local bookmark and it temporarilly takes you to an “Add” page that allows you to edit the page info before saving the new bookmark and sending you back to where you started. Its nearly seamless and fairly unobtrusive.

The best part is, the bookmarks page has its own RSS feed. Why is that cool? Well let me tell you. If you’re using Firefox, you can actually add an RSS bookmark to Firefox’s toolbar which will in turn create a pulldown menu to show you all the entries on that page. Since all the entries are you’re bookmarks, it basically creates a dynamic bookmarks menu for you. So it appears as if you have a regular bookmarks list, but it’s all stored on the internet – safe and sound and always accessible.

Try it, you’ll like it.

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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003 | LiveJournal Archives | No Comments

Have I said before that I hate phone tech support? I just got off the phone with Belkin tech support, I was on the phone with them for almost an hour so that they could tell me one small little thing that should have been in the manual to begin with. I’m going to spell it out in infinite (read: excesive) detail here so that maybe someone will find the answer in a google search where I couldn’t. I don’t know how quick my journal will come up in a seach, but since my searches got me a total of 3 results in google, I think it may be helpful to someone.

I was trying to install a Belkin F1U401 4×1 USB Peripheral Switch. I had it connecting both a Mac and a PC to an HP LaserJet 1200. When I sat down at the PC, I could take control of the switch box, no matter what port I was plugged into, but when I sat down at the Mac, I couldn’t even figure out how to take control. The manual was written specifically for PC and had no information on how to actually use the application that it installed on the Mac. The PC was running Windows 2000 and the Mac was running OSX. When I got on the phone with Tech support, they asked me a lot of questions that just seemed to dance around the subject. My question being, how do I take control of the switchbox from my Mac. After an hour of waiting, he finally tells me to press Alt+F11 on the mac to take control. Why did it take him an hour to tell me just to press Alt + F11? Why didn’t they have that listed in the manual? Why didn’t they have an update online to tell me that? Why wasn’t it in their forum anywhere? Why doesn’t anyone anywhere tell you this? Why did I have to spend an hour of my life waiting to hear something that should have been in the manual?

Sorry about that, I just needed to make sure that all that was written down in a public forum somewhere. In fact, I’m tempted to make a web page dedicated to that one piece of information, just to save countless hours in the world. I don’t think anyone deserves to go through that.
windows mac osx os x f1u401 F1U401 USB switcher switchbox switch box belkin automatic

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Tuesday evening: In the lab

Tuesday, October 21st, 2003 | LiveJournal Archives | No Comments

Well, I didn’t write yesterday to say what a good weekend I had. I just never got myself in the mood to write. I often find that when I want to write in my journal, I either am not, or don’t feel like sitting at the computer. When I’m sitting at the computer, I’m just not in the mood to write. I used to keep my journal on my PDA, but that was really a joke. I was worse at it there than I was on this thing.

I played LotGR on Saturday. Had a great time. Really enjoyed playing in a game with Tim again, I haven’t played with him in years and I forgot how much fun it was. All I could ever remember were the horror stories, but I forgot that I really like Tim and his play style. We had a good time and managed not to die.

Sunday, I did a lot of nothing. It was great.

I’ve been a bad boy. I downloaded iTunes for one of the two PCs I have at work. It’s not the greatest music player/manager I’ve ever used, but it’s not bad. It rips CDs really slowly. So slow that I find myself impatient with it, even though it’s connected to a computer that just sits by my feet and does nothing all day. Maybe it’s just because I’ve had little to do lately so I end up staring at the cd tray waiting for it to eject. Yeah, pathetic.

Heather just informed me that we’re ordering food for dinner tonight on my credit card. I hate doing that, but we’re stretched a little thin so we’re gonna splurge on either pizza or wing zone. I liked the idea of hawaiian BBQ pizza at lunch, but I smelled fries in the hall earlier. Oh the drama!

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Friday, October 17th, 2003 | LiveJournal Archives | No Comments

I downloaded and installed iTunes this afternoon and I have to say, not only do I feel corrupted, I actually feel let down. It rips CDs really slow, 4.4x vs. 12+x on MusicMatch. Fortunately it does have the option to rip and eject on CD Insert which is nice since I have a second computer at my feet that I can just do all my ripping on while I’m actually doing work. MusicMatch has been being a bitch lately, so I’m kind of shopping around for something new. I’m back to QCD right now, but MusicMatch just has some features that no one else on the planet has. I’m going to miss those features until I can get together the $60 to actually buy MusicMatch again. My lab staff meeting is in ten minutes, then it’s back to the house for our bi-weekly movie night. I’m excited, I like having people over and being able to share my movies is a really cool excuse to get people over to my house.

I really need to start looking into the whole D&D alternate setting thing again. I still have all my ideas, I just need to get to writing them down again so other people can read them so I can actually start the game so people can come over to the house to play D&D so I can actually be running a game again. Now that I’m pretty sure I won’t have to be running Vampire, I can concentrate back on my D&D game.

Damn, I gotta go pee before this meeting.

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