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I downloaded a new peice of software to try out on my PDA. It’s called Ultrasoft Money and it’s basically a portable version of Microsoft Money which is what Heather and I use to keep track of all our banking. I get really bad about keeping receipts in my wallet and such, so I thought, since I keep my receipts in my pocket for so long and don’t ever enter them into the “checkbook” I shoudl carry the checkbook with me and enter them in right away. This Ultrasoft Money think is awesome. It does everything Money needs to do in your pocket, including auto entering data and such. It makes entering receipts a piece of cake. So not only do I know exactly how much money I have, but then I can take it home and sync the PDA and it will enter all that stuff into Microsoft Money on the computer.

The only problem is that it’s $40 and I don’t have that kind of money, even though, technically, it will save my hundreds in bank fees since I’ll be more on top of my finances. Like, I last looked at my account information at home on like Saturday morning and I had $47 dollars. Since then I’ve bought two things and now have only $41, but if I wasn’t entering the data in immediately, I’d only be guessing at ammounts rather than being able to say for certain. Now when I estimate how much money I have, I often get off by $4-5 which can mean the difference between being okay or being overdrawn. When I get overdrawn, because of the delays in posting with the check card, I can often buy two or three things, thinking I’m still okay, but actually being overdrawn before the bank and I realize. Then they charge me $33 an item for being overdrawn. So really, if this software even keeps me from being overdrawn once, it’s almost paid for itself.

I’m also trying to make more and more reasons to carry my PDA with me at all times because often it would be really helpful to have it, even though I tend to forget it a lot. By finding more and more ways it can save my life, I’ll be more likely to pick it up and slip it in my pocket when I leave the house. Oh well. I guess I really should find something to do rather than just writing journal entries.

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Monday, February 2nd, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | 1 Comment

Wow, I suddenly became very bored. I have small things I could be doing around the office, but nothing pressing. Everyone’s at lunch and I’m here all by myself. It’s quiet and I kind of want to go home. Damn.

I wonder what I could be doing. I could work on my D&D Web Page or just write stuff for the new world I’m developing, but I’m feeling somewhat un-inspired lately. I’ll probably sit here and relax a bit more, then consider writing a bit. Gotta get that game off the ground eventually. I wonder who’s gonna play in it.


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Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II makes me happy.

Even though it tanked my bank account and trashed two months of allowance with stupid bank fees when I forgot that I pre-ordered it on my allowance card, it’s still been worth it (okay, maybe not entirely, but I’ve been having mucho mucho fun with it). Corwin75 and I played for a ton of hours (okay, like 5) and as soon as he was out the door, I started playing my single player again and immediately saved over all our hours of play. I did this twice with Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance and apparently never learned my lesson.

Other than that, this weekend I got my first TPK. If you don’t know what that it, then you probably don’t care. All I’m saying is, no party of four 1st and two 2nd level characters should ever face an Ogre and six Orcs. It wasn’t entirely my fault, I didn’t write the module, I just ran it and apparently had a really good day with my dice. I need to threaten to replace them more often.

I sanded 18 more boards on the wood floor this weekend and don’t feel nearly as shitty for it, I must be building up the muscles that involve hunching over and running a belt sander for 2 hours. We’re now over half way done. w00t.

I need a good camera to take pictures of the minis I paint. Heather’s old point and click digital camera just doesn’t cut the mustard because, while the macro feature is pretty good, it doesn’t focus on the mini very well and it still comes out looking like crap even after a great number of attempts. I’m beginning to think scanning the mini may be a better option. Oh well, back to the grind.

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