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Apparently I slept poorly last night. my neck has as killer krick in it and I’m generally achy. I’m not the least bit tired though so maybe I just slept too heavy. Either way, I’m paying for it today.

I was really looking forward to the final episode of Joe Schmo Show last night but it was pushed to next week, always next week. Damnit. I made diggity-damn sure to watch last week’s episode on Monday because I forgot to watch it last Tuesday, but then last night they showed the same episode again. So now I have to wait until next week to see if they actually pay him $100,000 for a week’s worth of Television and to be the butt of a huge practical joke.

So what the fuck is up with all these promotional offers to get people on a new service or subscription (i.e.: cable internet, DISH network, cell phone plans, etc.) and not giving a little out to the long time members. I’ve been using my cable internet provider for a long time, and I’ve been with them through good times and bad, outages and slowdowns and disruptions in service. Today I get this flyer in the mail saying if I subscribe to my internet provider, I can get a free xbox live starter kit and two months of service free. What do I get as a long time service subscirber? Another bill. What the fuck is that.


Quiz Time

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I hate posting Quizes, really I do. Sometimes though, they’re too cool to keep to myself. Other times, the results have been sitting on my desktop for so long, I just need to clean out my files. This is one of the later times.

I have no idea what or when I took these


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