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just an update, those fucking inbred support eliteists still haven’t called me back.

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Fuck You you Fucking Fuckhead Cock Ass!

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Local Service Representative: “I’m sorry, we can’t help you, try calling our national number, tell them you’re a Universtity and the nature of your problem and they’ll be able to help you.”

National Service Representative: “I’m sorry, since you don’t have a case number or order number, I can’t help you. I can contact your local zone and see if I’m allowed to give you assistance.”

Yeah, I hate fucking service people. They either don’t know how to fix my problem or aren’t allowed to fix it. Either way, I have to sit here at my desk shoving pencils up my ass waiting to hear back as to how I might be able to make my software work. And when I say my software, what I really mean is the software that was bought without any testing or compatability comparison before it was just dumped in bulk (and short in licences) in my office. “Yeah, we have 20 machines in the classroom and another 30 in the lab. Wait, you only brought me 18 licenses?” So now we have a software that can only run in a classroom that’s almost booked solid so the students can’t work on it out of class, and some of the applications in this monsterous suite (which, by the way, takes up to 45 minutes to install individually on each of the 18 machines) don’t work and no one can even tell me if I’m allowed to have service.

So yeah, fuck you and your fucking eliteist “we know but we’re not telling you” support.

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