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I’m really tired today, it’s cool and drizzly out. corwin75Steve and I agree that it would be the perfect day to have stayed curled up in bed at home. Good thing we both resisted that urge, as we are the only two in the office so far. To be honest, I think it’s more the perfect day to open all the windows in the computer room and play Temple of Elemental Evil. If it came to a little thunder and heavy downpour, it’d be a nice mood for the game.

Speaking of ToEE, I’m excited to hear that Atari is actually going to release a patch for it. Now if they just fix Haste (unlike the player made patch) I’ll be exstatic.

I did Very little this weekend, really laid back and took it easy.

Friday we had movie night. Had a good crowd. I don’t think Hard Boiled was as appreciated as Bad Taste, but everyone seemed to have a good time. I’m not sure what I’m going to watch next week, but Craig did remind me that the original intent was for me to pick a movie that I wanted to watch and just let people know so they could come and watch it if they wanted. That would really releive stress on me if that were the case. I’m just too concerned with the happiness of others I guess. I’m going to think on what I want to watch next week (10/17). After the movie, we played a bit of Heroes, but I think everyone was a bit too tired to fully enjoy it. I was definitely too tired to be courteous and start a new character. I should have done that guys, I’m sorry. It wasn’t fair for me to be that much higher level.

Saturday I intended to stay home all day and play Temple, except for 3:00 when I was going to go to Meghan’s birthday party. Instead, HeatherEJCHeather and I went to Goodwill and shopped around a bit, headed over to Gray and Fancy’s for Meghan’s birthday, and then headed down to Best Buy to get 2 Fast 2 Furious and the Underworld soundtrack. At the exit we noticed that Warehouse Music is going out of business and the enitre store was 20-30% off (I didn’t see a single thing that was actually 30% off). We decided we’d make a quick stop in there and see what they had to offer. Looking at their regular prices on new CDs and DVDs made me realize why they’re going out of business. Who in their right mind is going to pay $20+ for a new CD and $25+ for a new DVD. Sheesh. Even at 20% off, their stuff was more expensive than pretty much any other store (except maybe Virgin Megastore). Their used prices however were much more acceptable. CDs for $10 or less and DVDs for $15 or less, and then 20% off that. I got two DVDs and a CD for $23 and Heather got the same for $21. Like a dumbass, I still went to Best Buy and bought my movie and soundtrack for $30. Now my monthly allowance is half gone before the first week of the month is even over.

Sunday I finally sat down and played ToEE. Spent most of the day playing and then watched Trading Spaces $100,000. Not a bad episode. I don’t think it really needed to be 2 hours long, but hey, it was fun. After that, Heather and I spent some good, quality time alone together. We’ll just leave it at that.

so now it’s Monday and I’m gonna sit back and make everything I can of it.

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Good god, is it Monday again? Days, weeks, months go by so quickly lately, I can barely keep up. It seems that I wait forever for something, the weekend, a holiday, a vacation, and before I know it, it’s come and gone. I appreciated the time I got to relax and I don’t feel like it went by too fast, or that I wasted it, it’s just that I wake up the next dat, back at work, and realize how long I waited for it, and how it seems to have gone by in a blur.

I remember when Iwas a kid, years went by slowly, time passed at a reasonable pace. I had to wait for things to come and it seemed like every day lasted a fair 24 hours. I was even sleeping more then, you know bedtimes and all. Now I spend more hours awake and things still seem to be flying by. I don’t get it. I really do need an extra day in the week. Not so much so I have more time to do stuff, but just to slow this shit down! I just hope I’m not missing anything.


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