The Oracle Says “No…”

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 | Cycling, Entertainment, Work

…in which I talk about frustrating work issues while stalling in the office because some guy needs to get into our server room every 45 seconds.

I’d much rather be outside going to get a YooHoo or even a chocolate coke at Sonic, but instead I have to sit here in the office and hold the door open (not literally) for this guy who is doing some installs in our server room.

In the mean time, I’ve been trying to install this stupid room scheduling software on a new Staff computer and it turns out that our decision to switch from XP to Vista may have been a less than stellar choice. The lab had to switch to Vista because the newest version of AutoCAD only runs on Vista. There was no real compelling need for the faculty & staff to switch, but we strive for consistency whenever we can, so the new faculty & staff computers have been getting Vista as well. However, this being the first computer running Vista to need this scheduling software, it has now been brought to my attention that it may not run right, if at all.

The problem goes deeper than simply the scheduling software (Resource25 or R25 for short). R25 uses Oracle for its data management, so before even installing R25, I need to install Oracle. Now, for those of you who don’t know but still care for some reason, Oracle 9 (the ipso facto standard on campus for the most part) does not run on Vista. Oracle 10 runs fine on Vista and the other applications that we’ve needed oracle for in the past all work fine with Oracle 10. Not so with R25. R25 requires Oracle 9 and will not work with Oracle 10.

A dealbreaker you say? So did I, but apparently not so. It turns out that you can actually take an install of Oracle 9 from a windows XP machine, copy it to your Vista machine, copy all the registry keys and all associated parts and pieces, and then direct things like R25 to that instead of Oracle 10 and everything is supposed to run fine. I can’t say if it does or not because I’ve not gotten that far, yet. Like I said, I’m stuck in my office for the time being. I’m not saying that I want, or even expect it to work, but I have to try it before I can call it a write-off.

In other news, music has been mysteriously disappearing from my iTunes library. Its not bad sectors on the hard drive, because the library would still think it was there, even if it can’t find the track, and its not disappearing just from iTunes because its not on the hard drive either. Its completely missing. I’m not sure how or why, but its really upsetting me. For example, I used to have (legally) almost every Nine Inch Nails album (up to a point, at least). When I checked for my Nine Inch Nails music the other day, it turned out that I now only have five songs. So I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to figure out what is actually missing and how to get it all back.

Lastly, I got my new tires yesterday. They are definitely different that what I’m used to, but I should be come accustomed to them before too long… though I may need a new seat.

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