Money, Its A Gas…

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008 | Uncategorized

… in which I talk about earning and spending.

As those of you who follow my LiveJournal know, I finally bought my Xbox 360. This is something I’ve had the money for and talked myself out of buying no fewer than five times in the past. It’s probably best that I did, because it definitely ended up costing me more than the sticker price (new game systems always do; you gotta have some games, a controller, and all kinds of other excessories). Now don’t get me wrong, as I’ve stated previously, I love my video games, and since buying the 360, I haven’t regretted it once. The only thing I’m dealing with now is the fact that I’ve definitely overspent my budget. I had decided that I was going to spend my “wedding money” from next weekend, but I’ve also dipped into my “wedding money” from May as well. Its not a horrible thing. Both gigs are guaranteed and even if the May wedding falls through for some reason, I can make up the difference by living cheap for about two months, but I was hoping to get out of the habit of future spending. Future spending is how debt is born. I hate the fact that I have been, for the majority of my adult life, a future spender. I’m sure that somehow, I’m still paying for a pizza I ate 10 years ago. Then again, I’m probably still carrying around that extra cheese from that same pizza; it just doesn’t taste as good now. Someday I’d like to be the kind of person that saves and then spends, rather than spending and then paying off. I try really hard, but when the bug bites, it bites hard. I could have waited until next week to buy the 360, but I felt like the money was already in my pocket… besides. I was bored on Sunday.

I know, I could have played Hellgate. I should have played Hellgate.

Even now, I can’t help but look at other stuff that’s been on my “when I have money, I would love to get [blah]” list. I know I’m insufferable. I just need to force myself to sit on the list and ignore it until I have money again. At the very least, I am a sweet and thoughtful person and have spent at least part of my “mad money” on gifts and dinners for Heather, and clothes and toys for Ansel. I love them both and I love giving them things they totally don’t need but will enjoy. And all the things I bought for them was bought with “now money” and not “future money.” See, I’m getting better. Honest I am. But still, every month I spend all of my self appointed allowance and have nothing to roll over to the next month. Please help me to cure my spending addiction.



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