Welcome back students!

Monday, August 29th, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives

Now get out of my hallways, my parking lots and off my roads!

Okay, I’m just kidding… mostly. The arrival of students back on campus marks the beginning of the realy work year. Sure, unlike faculty, us staff are here all year long, but the summer is a distinct lull for us. When the faculty comes back, its a warning that the lull is almost over. Then there’s the fateful Monday when all the students come back and we really do get back to work. Its less dramatic for me this year since I’m no longer in charge of the lab (and from what I hear, Steve got the lab mostly set up this weekend).

So now I’m kind of hiding in the office, trying to figure out what is next on my list of priorities that involves going out into student traffic the least. I really want to take a couple macs over to Oak Street, but I kind of need my car to bring their predecesors back. I’ll have to wait until after the first to go get them.

Other than work and WoW, I’ve started my gears grinding on NaNoWriMo. I need a plot. I have a couple I could use, but I don’t feel completely comfortable with them. I put a note on our dry erease board for Heather that says “NaNoWriMo Blurb.” I told her to write some plot blurbs (like you would see on the back of a dvd or book) and if one seems to sprout into an idea, I’ll write about it. She hasn’t done any yet, but then again she never told me “What Food Am I?” either.

Oh, and keevs, you deserved the compliment, but I didn’t mean anything creepy by it. You just looked good and I felt like telling you. My wife thought it was wierd, so I just wanted to clarify.


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