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Well, as seems to be the most popular way to update journals, it’s Monday and I feel like writing about what I did this weekend.

Friday was pretty uneventful, but in a good way. Heather and I had a nice dinner, watched some movies and TV and I played a little WoW. Finally got my Horde character into the double digits and got to spend that first talent point. Also got absorbed into the new guild, so I am no longer a Crimson Eye, I’m now a Maleficient. I noticed that these guilds are a lot more active and effective and not just a social gathering. I need to figure out how to instill those ideas into the Silver Talons.

Saturday, we went to the Movie Tavern for spazzy444‘s birthday. We saw the Fantasic Four, and while Heather and I would probably have enjoyed Batman Begins a bit more, we still had a good time and the movie was pretty fun. I thought the food was fairly good and for $30 we got two tickets, an appetizer, two meals, two drinks and a dessert. I don’t think two people can go on a cheaper “dinner and a movie date” anywhere. zero_interrupt and I got this 82oz, self cooled tower of beer, too. It was a bit tough to pour up drinks in the dark (we could have left it up on the table/bar area which is dimly lit, but then we wouldnt’ have been able to see half the screen, so we put it on the floor) but it was really different to have beer in the theatre. It was $13 for whole 82 oz and we weren’t able to finish it during the movie. You can also get a 38oz mug of beer for $12 but that breaks down to $7 for the mug and $5 for the beer. The cool thing is, you can keep the mug and come back again and fill it up for $5 every time you see a movie. How cool is that? I’ll have to determine if Heather and I will be going with any kind of frequency before I invest my $7 though.

I had just enough time to get home, get my stuff, and head back out to go to Steve’s D&D game – which went well. We got to do some investigating, some killing, some more climbing (ugh) and made off with some pretty decent booty. Steve did, however, remember why he doesn’t run pre-written modules and next time we will be back in the City, following some original stories of death and intrigue in the city of towers.

Sunday I worked on my D&D setting. Yeah, you have to go pretty far back in my past journal entries to find the last time I said that. I think I’ve finally got myself a method that works for development. Its a bit more chaotic than my previous attempts, but at the same time more organized. I’m defintely further along than I ever have been before. Speaking of which, I have more to plan for the setting.

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  • Sounds like a nice weekend!

    Yeah, this new guild is really awesome. I went from going – “Eh, what to do…” to “Good Lord, when am I gonna get all this done?!”

    I hope that the same will gradually develop for your Alliance guild!

  • unfortunately, our Guildmaster (god bless him, he’s one of my best friends and so tragically flawed) is such a control freak, there’s no way we would merge with another guild.

    we might could convince him to take in another guild, but he’s so lost with what he wants to do right now. the main reason he created the silver talons in the first place was just to keep in contact with all his friends, but now we really need to start doing things as a team and it just ain’t happening because there’s no real unity.

  • You know – there’s a way to create a chat channel and not have you all be part of the same guild. It seems like it’s restricting you to a great deal. So, if another guild comes along – get a chat channel for you and your friends started up and join that other guild.

    There’s no progress without change and I think your friend may have lost sight of that.

  • yeah, since a lot of my alts are either non-guilded or in other guilds, I started a chat channel just like that… unfortunately he feels like we’re abandoning him because we rarely play our guild characters anymore.

    what can I say, I love him, but he’s fragile.

  • Well, it’s just a game and while you want to make your friends happy, as I do mine – the entire point of the game is to have fun. Not to sound harsh – but he’ll get over it or change.

  • yeah, well, I’m having plenty of fun playing my alts… that’ll keep me for now… 😉


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