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Okay, so now I’m out of the lab and the blind spot has faded – so I’m doing better.

This weekend was pretty passable. Nothing amazing happened and I didn’t feel like the weekend was nearly long enough. I played a lot of WoW – I mean a lot. The big thing on Sunday was starting a new priest character with the specific intent on starting a new guild dedicated solely to priests. I got so sick of waiting to start a raid because we needed a priest, I thought I’d just start a guild that does nothing but collect priests and encourage people to create priest Alts to join. So I spent the day getting my new priest up to lvl 10 and buying the guild charter. Now I just need 7 more people to sign the charter for me.

We took the dogs to PetSmart to buy them food yesterday. I’m not exactly sure why, taking them out is such a hassle that it should be more of an adventure and not just a quick errand, but Heather insisted. Knight had never ridden in Heather’s car before and he leapt all the way across the car when he jumped in. He actually jumped from my side of the car into Heather’s lap. He seemed very confused when he landed. While we were at PetSmart, I started looking at the big 5 gallon watering stations and ended up buying a slightly cheaper 2.75 gallon water station for them. They have this bowl which is not exactly small that they drink from and you pretty much have to fill it up as soon as the finish drinking because the two of them can empty it together. I will be the first to admit that I’m no good at giving my dogs water, so I thought this would be a bit better. It takes longer to fill up, but I don’t have to fill it up as often.

We watched four episodes of Firefly with starburstlvr, blu3warri0r, and his wife on Friday (zero_interrupt and spazzy444 showed up too). I think they’re all hooked and we’ll probably do it again next week. Remember, this week is Movie Night. Picture up at 7:45 as usual.

Anyway, I’m bored, but not bored enough to keep rambling.

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