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So I was at AKon this weekend DMing RPGA rounds of D&D. To be honest, I was dreading it, but aside from a very sore throat or possibly a slight cold as a result, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected. I was only there Friday and Saturday, so I still got to sleep in and relax on Sunday. Out of the 6 rounds I was there, I got to play two and judge four. I only killed one player, sent five to prison and scared a few noobs in an intro mod or two. I was supposed to sleep at a Days Inn near the con, but after I realized that I’d forgotten my special pillow, my phone was dead, and there were already four people in a two bed room, I decided 5 hours of quality sleep was better than 6 hours of tossing and turning.

Sunday, Heather and I watched a shit ton of movies. We watched two that I recorded on Replay TV, then she went outside and I tried to play WoW, but I was still sleepy and I couldn’t get anyone to play with me. So I gave up, went outside to read my book in the hammock and eventually fell asleep. After I woke up, we went inside and watched two Netflix movies. Yeah, that’s a lazy Sunday for ya.

Yesterday, I actually got some good WoW time in. Did Stratholm a second time, trying to score some Abomination Stitches, but had horrible luck on my rolls (the only roll-off I won, was when no one else was rolling and I won by default). I did get some Lightorge Leggings, which if you don’t know is really good for Paladins – really good, but no stitches. Guess I gotta go back. I need ten of those suckers.

But it may be hard to get Raids together as today is the release of Battlegrounds!

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