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Hay, I’ve been Iconing again…

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These are for you _cleric_ (not that I could keep other people from using them…)

Wednesday, March 24th, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | 2 Comments

well, it’s getting darker out and I swear I can smell the rain on the air through the ventilation system of the building. The leaves on the trees haven’t really perked up though, so maybe I’m just imagining it.

I had a couple hot dogs and some Cheese-Its for lunch today. Got back to find out that Flash was “glitchy” in the lab. Gee, thanks for the detailed report. Afterwards I’m asked if I ever figured out how to fix that problem I was just told about 5 minutes ago.

“Uh, no?”
“We had this same problem six months ago, didn’t you fix it then?” the student tech says.
“Yeah, I told you to make the program crash and report back.”
“I did, and I told you all I had to do was launch the app.” he replies.
“Uh, you never got back to me on that.”

This is getting to be a theme here. This is the third time this week someone’s asked me how I’m doing on something when I was waiting for them to give me more information. Sheesh.

Wednesday, March 24th, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives | 3 Comments

blah, this week will NOT end. It’s Wednesday and I now remember the soreness I get in my elbows from resting them on my deks in boredem for days on end. Don’t get me wrong, for the most part I actually enjoy my job, its just that some weeks are really slow and there’s alomost nothing that is urgent enough to be up and about for. So I end up sitting at my desk staring at LiveJournal, TextAmerica, or eBay and as a result feel much less productive for society than I realy am.

It’s nice and cloudy out today and I like that kind of weather. I had heard it was supposed to be hot today too, which would mean muggy and humid. Fortunately it seems to be holding in the mid 60’s so that’s nice. I wish I was outside, or at least free to go outside at my whim and will. I mean, yeah, I’m not chained in here, I could go and just sit out side, but there’s no real point. I’d be doing less than I am now for work, and would actually look less productive at the same time. So really, not that big of a deal. I’ve got the curtains open so I guess, really, I’m better off than some.

Last night I had intended to play with some computer stuff, make some animated .gifs, things like that. Instead I watched crap on TV, made myself some Chicken Fried Rice and mostly did abso-fucking-litely nothing. I dealt with some past aggression issues and feel much better about that whole incident (okay, mostly back to not letting any of it bother me). I thought about painting minis, especially after looking at the new Confrontation sketches at Talon yesterday. Maybe I’ll consider it tonight. I think I’m going to paint a ghoul or two next, just so I can paint something that isn’t flesh colored. Of course Dawn of the Dead might have something to do with it as well. But then again, I’ve been thinking of painting one for a couple weeks, before I actually saw Dawn of the Dead.

Oh well, it’s almost lunch time. Expect more babbling after lunch, unless I finally decide to take this “cleaning my office space” a step further.

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