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It seems most web pages are taking too long for the PDA to load. It keeps
timing out before I can even get my Friends’ page entirely loaded. We’ll
see how things go from here, it is still the first night.

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We have a wireless network in the house. Now I just have to figure out how
to do all that I want with it. It’ll take some time but the potential is

All for only $30 (after rebates) at CompUSA: Wireless Router & Network Card.

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So while it’s officially Spring Break, until I stay up way too late tonight, to won’t feel that way. It sounds like it’s stopped raining so maybe I’ll actually get out and do something, or at least sit in my hammock. I don’t have any special plans for Spring Break, but at the same time I feel kind of antsy to at least accomplish something, I just don’t know what that something is. Oh well.

Yesterday we went to Nick’s to play some multiplayer console games. I didn’t feel it was quite as successful as when everyone came over here, but there was more sincere bitching about the custom Halo games and I kind of took offense to that. Also, while we had more controlers and maybe more people (tough to tell since last time there were more people just not playing), it just didn’t feel as social. Oh, and I was really in the mood to play Crystal Chronicles, but Corwin75 left it at home. Also, I was in the mood to hang out with _cleric_ but he apparently went to a LAN party the night before and just didn’t feel like showing up. That punk. He’s one person I feel like I’d really enjoy hanging out with more, and yet never seem to get the chance to.

Oh well, it’s 10:00 and we don’t have any coffee or anything to make hot breakfasts with, so I guess I’m just going to have a bowl of cold cereal and stare at the TV for a couple hours before I attempt to get up and do anything. Maybe I’ll prime me other computer case that’s just sitting over there right now. I’d love to get it panted and get the computer transfered into it, but I’m also debating not painting it. It’s got some scratches in the aluminum, otherwise it looks pretty good. A nice, brushed aluminum case with a White Wolf – World of Darkness logo cut out of it.
Tell me if you think these scratches are bad enough to have to paint over it.

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