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All in all it was a good (three day) weekend. Friday I don’t recall doing anything of real substance. I stayed home the second half of the day as I had already worked over 40 hours that week and I wasn’t really concerened with comp time. I cleaned up the Confrontation minis and primed them so now they’re ready to be painted, if I ever finish the one I’m currently working on that is. We rented a couple of movies, that was it. We rented 28 Days Later and Johny English. We watched 28 Days Friday night. I thought it was really good, I mean really. Heather was concerned it was going to be gross, and really, aside from a couple bloody moments, it wasn’t bad. I think I only caught her looking away once. I definitely liked the original ending better than any of the alternate endings. Something still seemed amiss when it was all over, I think it was a bit too neat and tidy, but I’m not sure. It was still good and I can’t think of a better or different way to end it.

Saturday I went down to Garland for some more RPGA. It costs me a little much to keep going down there ($4 per game day, sheesh). I decided I wasn’t going down again this month, but then my friend Jon announced he was going down next week so I’m gonna bum a ride with him. Also, they’re playing two LG games I’ve not played and won’t be doing LG at all next month so it works out well. At any rate, I went to Hall of Heros and played a bit, got my 6th level back and now I’m trying to decide if I’m gonna pick up a rage real quick before continuing on with Ranger. Damn kitten. By the time I got back (which was a bit early afterall), Heather was already gone to the big to-do she had going on so I just kind of sat around a bit. Hmm, now that I think about it, it may have been Saturday that I primed the minis. Maybe Friday I finished puttying and cleaning and then by Saturday the putty had dried and I primed them. Yeah, that sounds good, you’ll believe that, right? Saturday night we watched Johny English. It was really funny, I busted up laughing through a good portion of it. I’m gonna have to watch for it on the used shelves. For some reason I don’t see it doing too well, so I half expect to see it in the “Two for $15” before too long.

Sunday, oi, we sanded the floor again, and there was no Karate to be had in doing so. Spent another back-breaking two hours sanding. My legs, my back, my shoulders and my arms were all screaming by the end of it, but now were, 1/5 of the way there (w00t?). After that I just laid down for, oh, an hour I think. I laid down half off the bed, my feet on the floor, the small of my back on the edge of the bed, bent backwards. It felt really nice, fell asleep a couple times. After Heather finished cleaning up all the sawdust and we showered, I actually went in and painted for a bit with a movie on. Felt good to paint, made some headway.

Monday, I got up late, puttered around, painted a little (did some awesome eyes on this mini thanks to this article. Got cleaned up, ate some lunch, and then it was game time!

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